1. Copy Link

First copy the Reddit video link of the video which you want to download, to find the URL just click on the 3 dots and find the share button or click on Copy URL

2. Paste Link

Paste the Reddit video link above in the Reddit video downloading tool, and then click on download button

3. Select Video Quality

Select the video quality which you want to download and wait for 5 seconds, Your downloading will start automatically.

How To Download A Reddit Video  

Reddit is a one-stop shop for news, entertainment, answers, and debate across every topic you can think of. It has a specialized discussion board for all your discussions and is difficult to see beyond Reddit. 

Over the previous decade, Reddit has been on our browsers’ front page. Its users have had the power to catch trends before anyone and comment on them with great humor or enlightening know-how.

Not only this, Reddit videos are a great way to learn something new and share it with others. For this, it is recommended to download the Reddit video. But how? 

So, if you are new to the Reddit site, here is your guide on how to download your favorite video from Reddit. Besides, you will also find other pieces of information as we advance. 

What Is Reddit? How Does It Work?

Reddit is one of the most famous social sharing websites on the internet that is created around the users sharing links, images, and text, on which all users can vote. Contents with the highest voting rise to the top, while the least voted ones move to the bottom.

Reddit is divided into many smaller communities known as subreddits. A subreddit is merely a board that is committed to a separate topic. Some subreddits do maintain a specific look, regulations, and expectations.

When you visit the homepage, when signed in, you can see the filled with posts trending from different subreddits. You can open the posts, read the comments, view the full-sized picture, or visit the link. Near every Reddit post, a number will be present. This denotes its score, along with an arrow. These arrows denote the downvote or upvote content. 

Upvoting means you want users to see a post or a comment and use Reddit Save to save it for the future. Downvoting means you do not think the post is helpful or off-topic for others to see. This system determines what becomes famous on Reddit. 

If a post obtains sufficient points on its subreddit, it may move to the home page of Reddit for all users to see.

Can You Download Reddit Videos From The Platform? 

No, you can not download videos from the Reddit platform. However, using a Reddit video downloader, you can download any video without additional cost.   

You can utilize the GetInDevice Reddit video downloader to download Reddit videos onto your laptop. The tool is highly safe and secure as it does not obtain any of your private information. Also, it does not contain any malware.

How To Download Reddit Videos Using GetInDevice? 

Numerous third-party tools allow you to download Reddit videos. A famous one is the GetInDevice.​ We also offer Twitter Video downloader and LinkedIn Video downloader.

Follow the steps given down to download any Reddit videos​ using the GetInDevice! 

First, make sure that you have logged into your Reddit account to download the video from Reddit.

When logged in, select the video on Reddit that you like to download. 

  • You’ll find an arrow on the bottom right corner of the post. Click on the arrow, and you will get the option ​”Share via.”
  • When clicked, a pop-up will spread. Select the “Copy link” so it is copied to your device’s clipboard. 
Reddit video downloader
  • Only a single video can be downloaded simultaneously, so do not copy multiple links.
  • Now, open the GetInDevice Reddit video downloader on your device’s browser.
  • Enter the Reddit video’s link in the “Paste video URL” box and choose the green “Download” button.
  • Pick the quality of the Reddit video to download and wait a few seconds. Downloading will start automatically.
  • Save the video title to download the Reddit video. Your Reddit video is now downloaded!

What Are Some Features Of the Reddit Videos Downloader? 

Here are the fantastic features of the GetInDevice Reddit video downloader that will create a unique experience. 

  • First, the GetInDevice Reddit video downloader tool is free to use.
  • No registration is demanded to download any Reddit videos when using the tool.
  • The tool is safe as it does not support any malware. 
  • Similarly, it is highly secure as it does not ask for private data to run the application.
  • The tool can download all formats of files, such as GIFs, videos, music, etc.
  • Third-party tools are not required to download a Reddit video.
  • Every video from Reddit can be downloaded in the highest quality.
  • There are no restrictions on downloading Reddit videos when using the tool.
  • All devices, such as Windows, iOS, and Android, support the Reddit video downloader tool. 
  • Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome also support the Reddit video downloader tool.
  • All downloads done are speedy, and the conversions have no speed limits.

Is Reddit Social Media?

Yes, Reddit is a social media platform. However, it is indeed diverse from the other social networking platforms.

The main difference is in Reddit’s community rules and values. It values the contribution made by its users to the community and the experience of users over people. 

The purpose is to make value an element of the community in a subreddit. Thus, it is different from many social media platforms.

What Is A Subreddit?

Subreddits are specialized boards and smaller communities dedicated to a particular topic. 

Using these subreddits, you can view and participate in them for free. However, you will have to undergo an admission process for private subreddits.  

You subscribe to your favorite subreddits to view their posts on your customized Reddit home page.

What Are The Most Popular Subreddits?

The top five famous subreddits, regarding the subscriber figures, are:

5 Best Reddit Features – You Must Know These

Here are the top five Reddit features you must know before using the website. 

1. Pi Symbol

While on the internet, you might have seen the pi symbol present in the lower right corner of your page. When moving your cursor on it, you will obtain the details of the server that provides the content.

Likewise, moving your cursor on the text “a Reddit group for XX months/years” on the subreddit’s sidebar will show the actual date and the founded community.

2. Close-Knit Admins

Reddit was started by a series of fake accounts to upvote content. But, a leaked chat exposed the closeness of the admins. So, never irritate your admins, as they can access everything. 

3. Increase Browsing By Using A “+.” 

Reddit is considered a productivity drain. A lot of companies have chosen to block it. But, using a ‘+’ symbol after the URL will get around the filters.

4. Focus On The Users

Reddit users come in a mixture of genders, mental health diagnoses, and debilitating social anxiety. They are not the same users on the other social media platforms. So, remember this and be polite before making a conversation with a fellow Redditor.

5. Higher Algorithm Awards

A proposal with ten upvotes is as acceptable as a single one with thousands. To improve its visibility, you must submit a link and upvote it. However, please do not do it with fake accounts, as the admins will find them.

6. What To Avoid Doing On Reddit? 

Unlike the other social media platforms, Reddit holds a fascinating take on what makes a person a spammer on its platform. And it is not something that you think.

Here are a few things that you should avoid doing on Reddit:

  • Submitting any content that is not yours is not allowed on Reddit. 
  • Reddit follows the 9:1 rule, which means at least 10% of your publications should be your content. 
  • Likewise, you can publish content to your account or any Subreddit you handle without violating the 9:1 rule.
  • Not leaving a reply to comments made on your publications. 
  • Submitting content that is not relevant to the Subreddits topic.
  • Also, submitting too much content. Do not do this unless you own a Subreddit or if the content is of high quality.
  • Publishing content that keeps receiving only downvotes and continuing to submit it.
  • Submitting the exact content to numerous Subreddits 

Furthermore, you must join Subreddits that you are genuinely interested in. Do not join any subreddit you are not interested in, as it might make you a spammer. 

Some Important Terms You’ll Find On Reddit

On Reddit, people are fluent with the internet terminology characteristic of the platform. A bunch of abbreviations and terms are used that you can learn over time.

Here are a few typically used Reddit phrases to assist you in this unique world—the terms covered are detailed for your understating:

1. Upvote

A favorable vote suggests that the post or comment has contributed value to the conversation or subreddit.

2. Downvote

A negative vote implies that the post or comment is unrelated or does not donate any value.

3. Karma

The karma post and comments reflect the grade of your account. Based on the upvotes, these points are given. 

4. Reddit Gold

Premium membership on Reddit with added features that can be purchased for yourself. It will also be rewarded to users who have done notable work on Reddit.

5. OP (Original Poster)

Directing to the individual who posted the post that you are commenting on.

6. Mod (Moderator)

An account that protects the subreddits to ensure that the rules are followed. It also has the authority to ban and terminate users, comments, and posts when appropriate.

7. TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

An overview briefly describes a significant body of text usually present on a prolonged text post.

8. X-post (Cross Post)

When sharing a subreddit’s posts to another subreddit using the URL, an “X-post from” should be added. This is regarded as a suitable method to share posts across various subreddits. 

9. Lurking

Diligently consuming content from a subreddit but not contributing to it is called lurking. Many individuals use Reddit in this manner, which needs to be avoided.

10. Throwaway Account

A user’s account that was not created for long-term usage is known as a throwaway account. A person can maintain many accounts for various occasions. 

11. OC (Original content)

Content created by users themselves and not reposted or re-shared from elsewhere.

12. NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

Explicit or improper content must not be consumed in a public area. It is commonly seen in the post’s heading to alert individuals before clicking on the link.

13. FTFY (Fixed That For You)

A modification is done on the typo, a factual mistake, or occasionally on an ironic comment.

14. TIL (Today I Learned)

A user did not know the information earlier but now learned because of Reddit. 

15. Shadow Banning

Since a user whose account is banned can create a new account, “shadow banning” is a particular penalty. In this, the user is clueless that they are banned. Instead of their account being shut down, their posts will become hidden from others.

16. Flair

Added your user name under a particular subreddit to demonstrate you are a distinctive type of user.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In Which Format Can You Download The Video Of Reddit? 

The Reddit videos can be downloaded in mp4 format.

After Downloading The Video, Where Will Reddit Video Be Saved? 

After the video is downloaded, it will be stored in the ‘Downloads Folder.’ Using your phone will be stored on the ‘Gallery.’

Is GetInDevice Safe?

Yes, the GetInDevice is safe. It does not ask for private details, and no signup is required. The tool does not contain any malware.

What Is The Best Reddit Video Downloader? 

The GetInDevice is the best Reddit video downloader to download videos from the Reddit platform. 

How Many Videos Can I Download Using GetInDevice? 

There is no specific number of videos to download from Reddit. An unlimited number of videos can be downloaded from Reddit using GetInDevice.


So, here is everything you need to know about the GetInDevice Reddit video downloader and the social platform. 

I hope you have learned everything about how Reddit works and how you can download Reddit videos using GetInDevice.

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