1. Copy Link

First copy the link of the Instagram video which you want to download, to find the URL just click on the 3 dots and find the share button or click on Copy URL

2. Paste Link

Paste the Instagram video link above in the Instagram video downloading tool, and then click on download button

3. Tap & Hold

On iPhone Tap and Hold on the result download button and click on “Download Link Content” option. Android users can simply download video by CDN Page tapping on 3 dots  vertical line. Windows & Mac users right click on download button and click on “Save Link” option.

In the vibrant world of Instagram where storytelling through images is the most prominent feature the ability to download and save your most beloved videos becomes essential. It doesn’t matter if it’s the newest Reels dancing trends, captivating stories or soothing audio clips, GetinDevice.com stands as your ultimate Instagram Video Downloader, enhancing your Instagram journey.

Instagram Reels Download: Guide

GetinDevice.com is a powerful and easy-to-use Instagram Video Downloader, which gives you the capability to download IG Reels, Stories, and audio files effortlessly. Here’s a complete guide to maximize your download experience:

Follow these simple steps to download Instagram Reels effortlessly.

  1. Copy the Reel’s URL: Open the Instagram app, find the Reel you want to download, tap on the share icon at the bottom right corner of the post, and select “Copy Link”.
  2. Open GetinDevice Instagram Downloader: Open the GetinDevice Instagram Downloader app on your device.
  3. Paste the URL and Download: In the downloader app, paste the copied URL into the designated field and tap on the “Download” button.
  4. Access the Downloaded Reel: Once the download is complete, access the downloaded Reel within the downloader app or your device’s gallery.

With GetinDevice Instagram Reel Downloader, saving your favorite Instagram Reels is a breeze. Enjoy watching them anytime, anywhere, without worrying about internet connectivity. Try it out today and start building your offline collection of amazing Reels!

wnload Button: Watch the magic when you tap and hold on the Download Button, then press “Download Link Content” (For iOS Only) For Android you can download videos directly from the CDN page. It is the most efficient method to download IG Reels video.

Instagram Audio Download: Guide

Download Instagram Audio with URL Yes, we at GetInDevice know what you want and have added this feature for you.

Step 1 – Copy the Instagram Audio URL. You can find the Instagram Audio URL by pressing the audio every IG Reel has an Audio and you can copy the URL. This is an illustration of Instagram Audio URL – https://www.instagram.com/reels/audio/1065622014691225/

Step 2. Open GetinDevice’s Instagram Downloader and copy the URL.

Step 3. Download the Audio If you’re using an Android Device you can easily download Audio from the CDN page. For iOS users, you have to press and hold the Audio Download Button, then hit “Download Link” (Use this tool in Safari Browser)

Instagram Photo Download: Guide

Step 1 – Copy the Instagram Photo URL.

Step 2. Open GetinDevice’s Instagram Downloader and copy the URL.

Step 3. Download the Photo If you’re using an Android Device you can easily download the photo on the CDN page. For iOS users, you have to hold and tap on the Photo Download Button, then hit “Download Link” (Use this tool in Safari Browser)

Instagram Story Download: Guide

Step 1 Copy the Instagram Story URL, you can only download Instagram Story from public accounts.

Step 2. Open GetinDevice’s Instagram Downloader and copy the link.

Step 3. Download the Story by clicking on the media download button. If you are using an Android Device you can easily download the Photo via the CDN page. For iOS users, you must press and hold the Photo Download Button, then hit “Download Link Content” (Use this tool within Safari Browser)

Unlocking Additional Features: What Sets GetinDevice Apart

Explore the variety of features and advanced functions which make GetinDevice the best option for all your Instagram video downloading requirements:

  • Secure and free downloading: Enjoy the freedom of downloading Instagram videos for free and with a secure and dependable platform.
  • No Registration Needs: Say goodbye to long registrations and account creations; GetinDevice simplifies the process of downloading without requiring registration.
  • Flexibility in file formats: Download Instagram Reels Stories, Stories, as well as audio clips in a variety of formats, giving you the flexibility depending on your personal preferences.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility If you use Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, GetinDevice seamlessly operates across popular browsers, guaranteeing the same experience.
  • Universal Device Support It was designed to accommodate all types of users. GetinDevice can be used on Windows, iOS as well as Android devices, providing an inclusive and universal platform.
  • Fast Downloads with No Limits: Experience swift downloads without speed limits that allow you to download your most loved Instagram content in a matter of minutes.
  • Multiple Social Media Video Downloading Support: Elevate your content library by expanding it beyond Instagram. GetinDevice now supports downloading videos from a variety of social media sites, providing an integrated solution for all your needs for downloading videos.
  • Direct High-Speed Downloading via CDN Page: Benefit of high-speed downloads direct via the Content Delivery Network (CDN) page, which ensures a speedy and speedy download process.
  • User-Friendly Interface Explore the GetinDevice platform without difficulty thanks to an intuitive user interface, making the downloading process easy for everyone.
  • Privacy Security: Your privacy is the top priority. GetinDevice does not collect any personal information, ensuring the security of your download experience.
  • Real-Time Updates Keep ahead of the trend with real-time updates, making sure that GetinDevice is always ready to keep up with the latest features and updates for Instagram and other platforms.
  • Customer Support Are you having questions or have you encountered problems? GetinDevice provides dependable customer support to help you with any issues that you may have, and ensure an enjoyable and smooth user experience.

With these added capabilities, GetinDevice emerges as a robust and effective tool, not just for Instagram but also for other social media platforms. Enhance your experience when downloading videos and explore the many possibilities that GetinDevice can offer.

Why Download Instagram Videos?

Instagram, a place of inspiration and creativity continuously delivers captivating content. From the most recent Reels trend to heartwarming Stories, as well as immersive audio experiences The need to preserve and share these experiences is a popular one. GetinDevice responds to this need by providing a seamless method to download Instagram videos straight to your devices.

Video Demonstrations: See GetinDevice in Action

At GetinDevice we know that sometimes, seeing is believing. To help you navigate the seamless experience of using the GetinDevice tool to download Instagram videos, we’ve created a series of video tutorials. These videos will guide you through each step and ensure that you are able to utilize the app to download your most loved Instagram Reels, Stories, and audio clips.

Video 1 How to Download Instagram Reels on GetinDevice

In this tutorial, we’ll show how easy it is to download Instagram Reels using GetinDevice. From choosing the Reel you like to customizing the settings for downloading Follow us as we show the simplicity and effectiveness of our Instagram Video Downloader.

Video 2: Downloading Instagram Stories Made Easy

Are you interested in saving those memorable Instagram Stories? Don’t look any further. Check out this video to understand the easy and simple procedure of downloading Instagram Stories with GetinDevice. Keep those moments in memory in just two clicks.

Video 3: Unlocking the World of Instagram Audio Downloads

Audio tracks on Instagram are just as captivating as images. In this short video, we show how GetinDevice allows you to download and play your most loved Instagram audio clips. Expand the music collection and stream your favourite tracks easily.

You are welcome to click on the above videos to go on a journey through the visual world using GetinDevice. These tutorials are designed to make your Instagram video downloading experience simple, easy and enjoyable.

Disclaimer: Ensure that you are able to download and utilize the content in Instagram’s Terms and Conditions.

(FAQs) regarding Instagram Downloader:

What is GetinDevice‘s Instagram Downloader?

GetinDevice is a no-cost tool that facilitates downloading Instagram content including Reels, Stories, photos, as well as audio files.

Does GetinDevice secure to use?

Yes, GetinDevice Instagram Video Downloader is a secure and malware-free platform. It is a safety-first platform and does not gather personal information.

Do I need to sign up to use the GetinDevice IG Downloader?

There is no need to register, GetinDevice does not require any form of registration. Users can download for free without the need to create an account.

How can I download Instagram Reels using GetinDevice?

Follow our step-by-step instructions on the site to download Instagram Reels quickly. Simply copy the URL of the Reel and then paste it into the GetinDevice Instagram Video Downloader.

Does this Instagram Downloader work on all devices and browsers?

Yes, GetinDevice is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It also works flawlessly on popular browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Is there a limit of Instagram videos I can download?

There are no limitations on the quantity of Instagram videos you can download.

Can I download Instagram videos for commercial use?

The answer is no, GetinDevice is intended for private, non-commercial use. Users must respect intellectual property rights and copyrights and obtain permission to use the device for commercial purposes.

What can I do to seek assistance or help if have issues?

If you’re having any issues or issues, please contact our customer service team to get help.

How can I download the content of private Instagram accounts?

It’s not, GetinDevice respects privacy settings. It is only able to download material from public Instagram accounts.

How can I download Instagram videos in large quantities?

Our Instagram Video Downloader currently allows only downloading one video at one time. Downloads in bulk are not supported.

How long will the download process take?

The process of downloading is usually quick but the speed will vary based on the internet connection and size of the file All videos are to the social media site’s CDN page, which makes it the most efficient tool available.

Does GetinDevice support downloading Instagram Live videos?

At present, GetinDevice focuses on Reels, Stories, photos and audio and is not able to download Instagram Live videos.

Are there limits to the duration of a video which can be downloaded?

GetinDevice allows downloading videos with various durations. There is no set limit.

Can I share content downloaded via other social media platforms?

If you have downloaded it you can share content across other platforms so long as it is in compliance with the rules of use of the respective platforms.

Does this Instagram Downloader keep any user information?

GetinDevice has been designed to protect the user’s privacy. It doesn’t save any private information during the downloading process.

How can I give feedback or suggestions to GetinDevice?

We would love to hear your feedback! You can submit suggestions or report any issues using our contact form available on the GetinDevice website.


In the end, GetinDevice.com emerges as a user-friendly and flexible solution to enhance your experience on Instagram. As an exclusive Instagram downloader GetinDevice.com offers seamless access to a wide range of Instagram content which includes Reels stories, audio clips, and stories. The platform is committed to protecting the privacy of its users by providing a safe and safe environment for hassle-free downloads.

Through its regular update, GetinDevice.com stays in sync with the constantly changing landscape of Instagram and guarantees compatibility with the most recent features and formats for videos. Its user-friendly interface makes it a great option for both novice and experienced users, allowing quick and reliable downloads.

GetinDevice.com is more than the standard and offers unique features, such as support for a variety of social media platforms as well as high-speed downloading directly from CDN pages. The platform’s commitment to a clutter-free user experience allows users to concentrate on enjoying their favorite Instagram content without worrying about the details.

If you’re an Instagram fan, creator of content or a professional in business, GetinDevice.com stands out as an effective tool for archiving and preserving Instagram content. The flexibility to select the quality of video and audio as well as support for a variety of formats and the absence of daily download limitations make GetinDevice.com an option that is highly sought-after by users.

As you begin your quest to explore and download Instagram content, think about GetinDevice.com as your primary source of information. Improve your Instagram experience by unlocking the potential of Reels Stories, Reels and audio clips with the ease and security that GetinDevice.com provides you with.

Choose GetinDevice.com and begin an effortless secure, safe, and enjoyable Instagram download journey today. Prepare to explore download, enjoy, and experience your most-loved Instagram content as never before!

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