1. Copy Link

First copy the link of the LinkedIn video which you want to download, to find the URL just click on the 3 dots and find the share button or click on Copy URL

2. Paste Link

Paste the LinkedIn video link above in the LinkedIn video downloading tool, and then click on download button

3. Tap & Hold

On iPhone Tap and Hold on the media download button and click on “Download Link” option. For Windows & Mac right click on download button and click on “Save Link” option.

In the digital age of today, LinkedIn has emerged as an effective professional platform to network to engage and share important material. In the myriad of types of content available on LinkedIn video content has gained considerable traction. It’s an exciting way to display knowledge, impart insights as well as draw the attention of your audience.

The process of downloading and saving LinkedIn videos to watch offline or use can be difficult. This is where the GetinDevice LinkedIn Video Downloader is able to help users to download and play LinkedIn videos at any time, from anywhere.

GetinDevice’s LinkedIn Video Downloader: Guide

GetinDevice is pleased to present its highly effective tool, LinkedIn Video Downloader. LinkedIn Video Downloader. This tool has been designed to ease the process of downloading LinkedIn videos. It provides an effortless and easy experience to professionals looking to maximize the potential of LinkedIn video content. This is how LinkedIn Video Downloader operates:

  1. Copy URL of Video: Simply copy the URL of the LinkedIn video you would like to download via your web browser or LinkedIn mobile application.
  2. Copy URL to GetinDevice: Paste the URL copied into the appropriate field on the GetinDevice’s LinkedIn video downloader webpage.
  3. Hit Download Hit the Download button and in a matter of seconds the selected LinkedIn video will automatically be downloaded onto your device available for offline viewing or sharing.

The same process is applicable to every device, however if you’re an iOS users, then there’s no difference. After you have received the an option to download videos, you have to hold and tapon it, and then select the ” Download Link Content” button. It will start downloading.

Why Download LinkedIn Videos?

LinkedIn videos are an excellent source of information providing valuable insights into the industry and thought leadership material, informative resources, as well as engaging presentation. If it’s a stimulating speech, a lesson about industry-leading practices or an inspirational message from a renowned professional, LinkedIn videos provide a abundance of knowledge that will help educate, inspire and help you grow professionally. After downloading these videos the users are able to:

  • Access Online Content Downloading videos from LinkedIn allows users to gain access to valuable content when they’re not online that allows ongoing learning and development for professionals.
  • Sharing with your colleagues: Saved LinkedIn videos can be shared with coworkers and team members as well as colleagues from the industry, encouraging cooperation and sharing of knowledge among professional networks.
  • Referral for future use: Downloaded LinkedIn videos are a handy source of reference in the future that allows users to return to important insights, strategies or concepts at any time.

Features of GetinDevice’s LinkedIn Video Downloader

  1. Quality Downloads of High Definition: You can say goodbye to lower-quality downloads. LinkedIn Video Downloader is a high-quality download. LinkedIn Video Downloader ensures high-quality videos each time, while preserving the clarity and details of the original material.
  2. seamless user experience: Built with simplicity with our downloader in mind, it lets you download LinkedIn videos without hassle in just one click, with no tech expertise needed.
  3. Cross-Platform Compatible: No matter if you’re on the desktop, laptop or mobile phone and more, the LinkedIn Video Downloader works seamlessly across every platform for user-friendly experience.
  4. Accessible for free: GetinDevice’s LinkedIn Video Downloader is totally free, giving you a cost-effective option for downloading LinkedIn videos with no extra charges.
  5. There is no registration requirement: Users can download LinkedIn videos without registering process. This allows an easy and quick access to downloader tools.
  6. Secure and Safe: This tool is designed to protect users’ privacy and security to ensure a secure download experience that does not require any personal information.
  7. supports all formats: GetinDevice supports downloading LinkedIn videos in different formats. This allows for flexibility as well as flexibility to the user’s preference.
  8. No third-party tools are required: Download LinkedIn videos direct without having to use the use of third-party software or tools.
  9. Absolutely No Restrictions: Enjoy unlimited downloads of LinkedIn videos with no limitations, which allows users to download any content they wish.
  10. Cross-device compatibility: Our LinkedIn Video Downloader can be used with any gadgets and web browsers, providing access for everyone.
  11. browser support: Compatible with popular web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome Accessing this LinkedIn Video Downloader is easy and quick.
  12. Rapid downloads Enjoy lightning fast download speed that are free of speed limits making it easy and efficient downloads of LinkedIn videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the process by which GetinDevice’s LinkedIn Video Downloader function?

The GetinDevice LinkedIn Video Downloader lets users download LinkedIn videos by copying the URL from LinkedIn and then paste it into the field that is designated on our app or website. By pressing one button and the video is downloaded to your device and can be viewed offline watching.

Does Use of GetinDevice’s LinkedIn Video Downloader free to make use of?

Yes, the GetinDevice’s LinkedIn Video Downloader software is and completely free of charge. There aren’t any charges or subscription fees needed in order to download LinkedIn videos with our tool.

Does there exist an limit on the amount of LinkedIn videos I can download?

There aren’t any limitations on the number of LinkedIn videos that you can download through the GetinDevice LinkedIn Video Downloader. Users can download as many video as they want without restrictions.

Do I have the ability to download LinkedIn videos with high quality using GetinDevice’s LinkedIn Video Downloader?

Yes, the GetinDevice’s LinkedIn Video Downloader guarantees the best quality downloads that are available, while preserving the clarity and details that are present in the initial LinkedIn videos to provide the best viewing experience.

Do I have my personal data protected when I use the GetinDevice LinkedIn YouTube Downloader?

Absolutely. GetinDevice is committed to protection and confidentiality. We don’t store any personal information you supply during the download process, so that your information is secure and confidential.

Do I have to sign up or create an account to utilize GetinDevice’s LinkedIn video downloader?

There’s no requirement to sign-up or sign up for an account in order to access the The GetinDevice LinkedIn Video Downloader. Users are able to simply open the tool via our site or through our app and begin downloading LinkedIn videos straight away.

Is the GetinDevice’s LinkedIn Video Downloader compatible with any device and browser?

Yes, GetinDevice’s LinkedIn video Downloader is built to run effortlessly across any device including laptops, desktops phones, tablets and smartphones. It’s also compatible with the majority of browsers, providing a seamless downloading experience for everyone.

Can I download and share LinkedIn videos with anyone else?

Once you have downloaded an LinkedIn video with The GetInDevice’s LinkedIn Video Downloader, you can share it with other users through messaging apps, email or social media platforms or any other method of sharing compatible with your device.

Do you have any legal implications downloading LinkedIn videos using the GetinDevice LinkedIn Video Downloader?

The GetinDevice LinkedIn Video Downloader a tool to download content that is publicly accessible on LinkedIn. So long as you’ren’t in violation of any copyrights or the terms and conditions, it’s legally permitted for you to download LinkedIn videos for personal use.

What do I do if encounter issues or concerns about the GetinDevice LinkedIn YouTube Downloader?

If you have any technical difficulties or queries regarding the use of The GetinDevice LinkedIn Video Downloader, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff. We can be reached via our “Contact Us” section on our app or website We’ll be more than happy to assist you quickly.

Do you have an limit on the duration of LinkedIn videos that I could download using GetinDevice’s LinkedIn Video Downloader?

There aren’t limitations on the length of LinkedIn videos you can download using the GetinDevice LinkedIn Video Downloader. You can download any length, ranging from small clips to longer interviews or presentations.

Does GetinDevice’s LinkedIn Video Downloader offer batch downloading capabilities?

While the LinkedIn Video Downloader of GetinDevice typically allows downloading just only one file at a given time however, users choose to queue several videos for sequential download, which speeds up the process of downloading several videos at once.

Do the GetinDevice’s LinkedIn Video Downloader support downloading videos from LinkedIn Learning courses or premium content?

Its LinkedIn Video Downloader is primarily made to download openly accessible LinkedIn videos. Although it’s possible to download certain LinkedIn Learning courses or premium content, the availability of these may differ according to the content’s accessibility settings as well as permissions.


In the midst of how LinkedIn continues to grow into a place for professional networking as well as knowledge sharing, the importance of LinkedIn videos is not overstated. With GetinDevice’s LinkedIn video downloader accessing and saving these precious video clips has never been more simple. Give yourself the power to download and play LinkedIn videos in your own way and gain access to a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and possibilities to grow professionally.

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