1. Copy Link

First copy the link of the Facebook video which you want to download, to find the URL just click on the 3 dots and find the share button or click on Copy URL

2. Paste Link

Paste the Facebook video link above in the Facebook video downloading tool, and then click on download button

3. Tap & Hold

On iPhone and Android Tap and Hold on the media download button and click on “Download Link” option. For Windows & Mac right click on download button and click on “Save Link” option.

How To Download Facebook Videos – Get The Best Quality

The American corporation Meta Platforms owns the social networking and social media giant Facebook. The platform was established in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes, all of whom were students at Harvard College at the time. 

The company’s name comes from the face book directories frequently distributed to students at American universities. In the beginning, membership was only open to students at Harvard University, but that changed over time to include students at other colleges in North America. Since 2006, membership has been available to everyone above 13.

Facebook reported having 2.93 billion monthly active users as of July 2022 and ranked 3rd globally among the most frequented websites for uploading and sharing photos, videos, and updates online. 

However, the most significant disadvantage associated with utilizing Facebook is you cannot download your favorite videos from the network directly. 

However, there is no need to be worried about this matter. GetInDevice Facebook videos downloader is a cost-free tool that will aid you in addressing this problem and enable you to download any video or status you like. 

This article will guide you through the steps to download FB videos and audio. So let’s get going.

Can You Download Facebook Videos From The Platform?

Facebook does not allow you to download videos directly from the platform. If you want to share some videos or music with friends or on any other social media platform, you can share the link but not the downloaded video. But we are here with the solution to this problem.

Use the GetInDevice FB video downloader and save your favorite videos to your device for free. 

How To Download Facebook Videos Using GetInDevice? 

As long as you follow the steps in part located below this one, you can utilize the GetInDevice to download any music you want from Facebook.

  • The first step in downloading the video you desire will need you to sign in to your Facebook account. If you have already logged into your account, skip this step.
  • Once successfully logged into Facebook, go to the Facebook video you want to download.
  • You will find three dots in the top right-hand corner of the video. Tap the three horizontal dots. 
facebook video 3 dots
  • When you click the “Copy link” option, the link you want to copy will immediately be transferred to your device’s clipboard.
facebook video link copy
  • Because you can only download one video at a time, you need to be cautious not to copy more than one URL at a time. 
  • Afterward, go to the website using the GetInDevice FB video downloader application and the web browser installed on your device.
  • After copying the link to the video, paste it into the box that reads “Paste video URL.” This will allow you to embed the movie on your website. The “Download” button, a green button, has to be clicked on as the following step in this process.
Facebook video downloader
  • On the page after this one, you will be given the option to choose the audio quality of the file you want to download. To see the music in HD quality, it must first be converted to the MP4 format, and then its file size must be checked.
  • The downloading procedure will start on its own in a few minutes, and it won’t need any assistance from a human.
  • The download of the song that you purchased from Facebook is now taking place. Look through the gallery of your mobile device for anything that could interest you to watch.

What Are The Features Of The GetInDevice Facebook Video Downloader?

You will find that your time spent using the GetInDevice is enhanced by several one-of-a-kind features included with the product. This will result in a rise in the overall worth of the product.

  • GetInDevice Facebook video downloader is both cost-free and open to utilization by anybody who so desires.
  • When it comes to utilizing the tool, there are no charges. 
  • When using this software, you do not need to create an account to download Facebook videos.
  • Because the software application does not include any viruses, it is immune to being hacked or otherwise corrupted.
  • Because it does not need any of your personal information to function as an app, it also provides you with a high degree of security. This ensures that no one will be able to discover any information about you whatsoever.
  • The videos are downloaded in HD quality, with or without audio, as desired. 
  • When you use the platform, there are no restrictions placed on the number of videos that may be saved to your device after being downloaded.
  • When downloading videos from Facebook, you may use software compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • It is compatible with the industry’s most widely used web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, and Firefox.
  • Every download is completed in a concise amount of time, and the process of converting files in no way slows down the overall speed at which this may be accomplished.

5 Types Of Facebook Videos

These are the most popular categories of videos that may be shared on Facebook and downloaded using the GetInDevice Facebook video downloader. The platform also enables you to integrate movies from other video hosting websites so long as the URL is provided. However, as was previously noted, the algorithm places a higher value on films published directly to the platform.

The following is a rundown of the many categories of videos that may be uploaded to Facebook without further ado.

1. Facebook Feed Videos

When you publish a video on Facebook in its original format, which means you upload the movie directly to the platform, it will display in viewers’ feeds like any other post. These kinds of videos will automatically start playing on Facebook, which can draw attention to your video posts.

Facebook Stories and Ad Stories Stories are films or photographs that have a brief lifespan and are only viewable for the first 24 hours after they are posted. Stories told via images are only shown for five seconds; however, videos may play for up to twenty. 

This kind of content is beneficial for communicating updates, announcements, sneak peeks, reminders, surveys, and so on.

2. Facebook Reels

The most recent addition to Facebook’s video offerings is a format known as Facebook Reels. In February of 2022, it was introduced all across the world. You may find reels in the Feed, as well as in Groups and Watch. Remix, the ability to share videos to Facebook Stories, Video Clipping, and more features are included. Your Reels may be up to one minute in length at most.

3. Facebook Video Ads

Video advertisements are a kind of sponsored content that may assist your company in expanding its reach and establishing a connection with a new audience. Facebook allows you to specify your video advertisement’s marketing goals and target audience to obtain better results. 

You have total control over how much money you spend and how much time the advertisement is shown.

4. Facebook’s Live Streaming Video Broadcast

Since its introduction in 2015, Facebook Live video has rapidly become a practical means by which marketers can share unique experiences with their audience while simultaneously increasing the level of interaction on their page. 

Because of the dynamic nature of live content, it often receives a more significant number of views and comments than standard postings do. It would help if you made the most of this opportunity by hosting live webinars, fascinating events, question-and-answer sessions, or workplace tours.

What Are The Video Formats Supported On Facebook?

Facebook suggests using the MP4 or MOV formats for video files. But those are just two of the many forms. The complete list of video formats that can be posted to Facebook is provided below:

  • MPEG-4 Video (m4v, mp4, mpeg4)
  • QuickTime Movie (MOV, qt)
  • Mobile Video (3g2, 3gp, 3gpp)
  • Windows Media Video (asf, WMV)
  • MPEG Video (dat, mpg, MPEG, mpg)
  • AVI Video (avi)
  • Flash Video (f4v, flv)
  • Graphics Interchange Format (gif)
  • DIVX Video (divx)
  • DV Video (dv)
  • M2TS Video (m2ts)
  • Matroska Format (mkv)
  • MOD Video (mod)
  • AVCHD Video (mts)
  • Nullsoft Video (nsv)
  • Ogg Media Format (ogm, ogv)
  • TOD Video (tod)
  • MPEG Transport Stream (ts)
  • DVD Video (vob)

5 Types Of Facebook Video Content

Below are the five different types of Facebook video content. And all these videos can be downloaded using the GetInDevice Facebook video downloader

1. Tutorials

How do you amuse and educate people at the same time? Simple. Watch some tutorial videos. Relevant instructions will help you get the audience’s respect and trust regardless of your sector.

2. Videos Of Client Testimonials

Not only from you but also from your clients, people want to learn about your brand. Customers frequently choose the latter because it gives a more accurate representation of your business. User-generated content (UGC) and customer reviews can occasionally serve as more robust marketing tools than advertisements.

3. Explainer Videos

When a potential customer doesn’t grasp what your business does, you lose all possibility of building brand recognition and closing sales. 

This problem is resolved with explainer videos, which present your company in a clear, exciting manner.

4. Product Promotion

Facebook video advertising works well with product demos and promotions. They must promote your most recent release, brand your offering, highlight its features and advantages, and much more.

5. Videos Of Corporate Cultures

A company’s ethics and culture are invaluable in today’s increasingly ethical global marketplace. Additionally, these videos support humanizing your brand. One well-liked method of giving your followers a peek into your workplace is through recruitment films.

9 Facebook Video Marketing Tips

Your brand’s online reputation will always be correlated with the caliber and professionalism of the videos you produce. Better content contributes to a more appealing company image, but when you have practical video marketing advice, it need not necessarily translate to more significant expenditure.

1. Keep Your Intent Clear

The kind of video you need to make will depend on the objective you want to achieve. Consider carefully what you want to accomplish: greater brand exposure, engagement, traffic, views, and conversions. 

Before you post your project on Facebook, it will prompt you to identify your purpose if your selected video is a video advertisement. Regardless of the video you intend to share, you should still do this.

2. Become Sound-Off Ready

Over 85% of Facebook users choose to watch videos without sound. In addition, individuals frequently react negatively to videos that begin too loudly. You can conclude that no one can ever be sure that people will watch your video with the sound on. 

Including closed captions in your movie is one approach to make it suitable for locations with noisy surroundings. Ads with captions can extend video viewing by an average of 12%. 

Facebook has a tool for automatically creating captions for videos. It’s a good substitute if you don’t want to add captions manually.

3. Choose The Proper Length

How much of the 240 minutes that Facebook allows for feed videos should you use? The answer depends on the video, but generally speaking, Facebook advises that you make your movies “as brief as they can be and as long as they need to be.” 

This means you should try to get your point through in as little time as possible. But the amount will vary from one film to another. The length of typical social media videos is between one and two minutes, and they usually only cover one vital topic to avoid overwhelming the viewer with details.

Note: GetInDevice can download Facebook videos of any length. 

4. Upgrade For Mobile

When you consider that 78% of Facebook users use the app via mobile, Facebook’s mobile-first strategy is no longer questioned. You have to put in extra effort to make sure your video is adequately visible because it will probably be seen on a small smartphone screen. 

Although you can submit both portrait and landscape films, the latter is a better choice because vertical videos receive 35% more views. Vertical videos offer a better viewing experience to the viewer and take up more room in the Feed.

5. Consider The First Seconds

You have around 5 to 10 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention, and if you don’t, you’ll probably witness a sharp decline in viewership at that point. For this reason, the first 10 seconds of your video must contain a hook. 

An estimated 47% of the value of the entire campaign may be attributed to the first three seconds of a Facebook video ad. To maximize those seconds, it is recommended. 

However, this does not imply that you must convey your complete message in just three seconds. Instead, make an effort to elicit a feeling in your opening sentence.

6. Show Your Logo 

Animating your logo is the most effective technique to leave a lasting impression on customers and boost brand recognition. A little animated clip showing your brand’s emblem is exactly what logo animation is supposed to be. 

Your videos are used to leave a trademark mark, making them instantly recognizable. Logo animations can be seen around the start or end of a video. They need to grab the viewer’s attention quickly and effectively so that they may release it when they need to. Pre-made templates may be used to create captivating logo animations quickly.

7. Think About A Custom Thumbnail

You have the following choices for a Facebook video thumbnail: You can either upload your photo or select a scene from the video for the thumbnail. We advise you to select option two. 

Custom thumbnails not only naturally draw attention to your movie but also demonstrate a more significant amount of dedication on your part. Face expressions, eye-catching typography, and a pleasing color scheme contribute to a compelling thumbnail. 

8. Employ Animation

Animations are an effective tool for both amusement and educational and promotional objectives. Animation is standard tool brands use to simplify complex ideas or items for viewers. 

Using animated videos to promote your services online without being overly promotional is a terrific way to humanize your business.

9. Improve Your Copy

A compelling title and description are crucial for visitors to watch a video. The article’s subject should be evident in the headline, which should also be brief and snappy. 

On the other side, the description can go into more detail about what the video contains and even provide questions to start a discussion in the comments. 

You are free to experiment with the length of your copy to find what works best because the character limit for posts on the site is pretty lenient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Facebook? 

Facebook, a social networking platform, was established in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes, all of whom were students at Harvard College at the time. 
Using the platform, anyone can share their photos, videos, thoughts, etc., with a global audience. 

Is GetInDevice A Secure Method For Downloading Facebook Videos?

Given that you are not required to register or provide any personal information to download videos, the GetInDevice is safe. The tool is also free of malware.

Can An iPhone Be Used On GetInDevice?

Yes, GetInDevice can be used on an iPhone.

How Excellent Is The GetInDevice Video Quality?

The video quality of the videos on GetInDevice is as good as the original videos.

How Many Videos Can I Download Using GetInDevice To My Device?

Utilizing the GetInDevice, you can download Facebook videos whenever possible. With the GetInDevice, you can download as many Facebook videos as you like.

Can I Download Any Facebook Video Using GetInDevice?

You can download any video you want with GetlnDevice.

Is there a fee to utilize GetInDevice’s Facebook video downloader?

No, there are never any hidden fees associated with utilizing the tool. For free access to Facebook videos without watermarks, use the GetInDevice tool.


Hence, here it is. The GetInDevice Facebook video downloader, which does not have a watermark, was the main topic of discussion. I hope you know better about it and how to download videos in just five seconds after reading this article.

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