1. Copy Link

First copy the link of the Twitter (X) video which you want to download, to find the URL just click on the 3 dots and find the share button or click on Copy URL

2. Paste Link

Paste the Twitter (X.com) video link above in the Twitter video downloading tool, and then click on download button

3. Tap & Hold

On iPhone and Android Tap and Hold on the media download button and click on “Download Link” option. For Windows & Mac right click on download button and click on “Save Link” option.

How To Download Twitter (X) Videos

Twitter is one of the most potent and practical tools used by the next-generation internet users to engage with their consumers and increase brand awareness. And that’s the reason why this California-based microblogging and social networking platform has over 330 million monthly active users (MAUs.)

Though you can express your views on Twitter via any means or media, Twitter videos have evolved to be the most effective approach to reaching your Twitter audiences. It is very impactful and unique and increases engagement. 

But sadly, Twitter does not allow its users to download videos from its platform. 

That is why in this article, I will explain the features and steps to download Twitter videos using the GetInDevice Twitter video downloader

Can I Download Videos From Twitter? 

No, ​it is not possible to download a Twitter video as the platform does not have any built-in functionality for downloading videos. However, you can use the GetInDevice Twitter video downloader to download all your favourite Twitter videos onto your computer or mobile phone with easy steps.

This software is safe and secure as it does not take any of your details and is free from malware. There are no ads either. 

How To Download Twitter (X.com) Videos Using GetInDevice 

​Many third-party platforms allow you to download Twitter videos. ​One among them is the GetInDevice, and it is entirely secure​ and safe to use this app.​ 

​You can follow the steps below to download any Twitter videos of your choice whenever you want​ using the GetInDevice! 

  • First, log on to your Twitter account to download the video of your choice. 
  • Once you have logged in, go to the video on Twitter that you want to download from the platform. 
  • You will find the ​”Share via” icon on the bottom right corner of the video. Tap it. 
twitter video downloader
  • When tapped, a new pop-up will open with a few options. In that, tap the “Copy link to Tweet” option so it is added to your device’s clipboard. 
twitter video downloader
  • Since only one video can be downloaded at a single time, make sure not to copy numerous links.
  • Then, open the GetInDevice Twitter video downloader on your device’s internet browser.
  • Paste the copied video’s link in the “Paste video URL” section and select the green “Download” button right next to it.
twitter video downloader
  • Choose the video quality you want to download on the next screen. Tap on the green option that shows the video quality (HD), type (MP4), and file size. 
twitter video downloader
  • The downloading will begin automatically in a few seconds.
twitter video downloader
  • Then, save the video title to download the Twitter video. 

Your Twitter video is now downloaded.  

Features Of GetInDevice Twitter (X) Video Downloader 

Here are a few outstanding features of the GetInDevice Twitter Video downloader that will make your experience great. 

  • Foremost, the GetInDevice Twitter video downloader is entirely free of cost to utilize.
  • No sign-up is mandated to download any Twitter videos when using the tool to download Twitter videos.
  • The tool is completely safe as it does not contain any malware. 
  • Also, it is highly secured as it does not ask for any of your data to run the application.
  • The software can download all formats, such as videos, GIFs, etc.
  • Third-party tools or applications are not needed to download Twitter videos or pictures.
  • Every video and image from Twitter can be downloaded in its original quality.
  • There are no regulations or restrictions on downloading Twitter videos when using the tool.
  • All gadgets like iOS, Windows, and Android support the Twitter video downloader application. 
  • All browsers like Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, and Chrome are supported.
  • All downloads done are high-speed, and the conversions possess no speed limitations.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Video On Twitter

As said, Twitter videos are highly effective and impactful. So, here are the five important causes why you must use a Twitter video.

1. Twitter Videos Happen On Phones

Mobile phones have been transforming everything and especially how we consume content. This means we can access everything anywhere and anytime, and this is only because of mobile phones. 

Videos are made, watched, and even shared with others very quickly compared to before. Twitter is the mobile-foremost social media site, and the content posted on Twitter is mainly watched on the mobile phone. This is why videos on Twitter happen to have more reach than texts.

2. Videos Get Shared Easily 

The videos on Twitter have better attention and get shared the most like no other kind of content as it engages with people. Videos on Twitter are the most shared, and in fact, video tweets are retweeted more than photos tweets and GIFs tweets.

You can even download a Twitter video using GetInDevice and share it across different platforms. 

3. Native Twitter Videos Perform Better 

Video messages on Twitter by brands to their consumers are more effective than on other premium social networking sites. This is because these videos are more appropriate, less nosy, and drive more favorable engagement when implanted on Twitter’s feed. 

This has made these videos feel slightly less interfering.

4. Conversations Can Be Started Using Twitter Videos

Twitter has a unique format called Conversational Ads; these come with customizable hashtags and call-to-action controls that motivate users to share their favorite brand’s videos with their fellow followers. 

So these shared tweets are very effective as it creates engagement for the brand with no cost but an increased ROI.

5. Go Live With Twitter Videos

The live video option on Twitter enables brands to create further opportunities as they act as storytellers. Live streaming gives an experience that videos are for everyone and not only for experienced content developers. 

This is useful for brands wanting to start live discussions with their consumers using streaming occasions or critical moments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is GetInDevice A Safe Tool To Download Twitter Videos?

Yes, the GetInDevice is an entirely safe tool to download Twitter videos, as it does not ask for any of your details and is free from malware.

Can I Use GetInDevice On An iPhone?

Yes, you can use the GetInDevice on an iPhone. Follow these steps to download a video on your iPhone. 
Go to the Twitter application. 
Select the video and copy its link. 
Paste the link on the GetInDevice tool and download it. 

What Is The Video Quality Of Videos On GetInDevice?

All the videos can be downloaded at the original quality using the GetInDevice. 

How Many Videos Can I Download Using GetInDevice?

No, there are no limits on the number of Twitter videos to be downloaded.

Can I Download Any Twitter Video Using GetInDevice?

Yes. Any Twitter video format can be downloaded using the GetInDevice. 

Is There Any Fee To Use The GetInDevice Twitter Video Downloader?

No fees are involved in using the GetInDevice Twitter Video Downloader. 


So, here you go. I hope this article has helped you know more about the GetInDevice features and the steps on how to download a Twitter video using the GetInDevice tool.

Also, I hope you have learned the reasons and benefits of using Twitter videos to improve your brand awareness. 

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