Last year, the Government of India banned more than 50 online applications developed by Chinese companies due to the cybersecurity matters tied to them. One among them was the globally adored TikTok app, which enabled its users to create short videos with song clips. 

In India alone, TikTok used to have a healthy user base of millions of users. 

So, to fill this gap, MX Player has launched a new application named the MX TakaTak, enabling its users to create entertaining videos and share them on various social media platforms.

In this article, I will explain the features of the MX TakaTak app and the GetInDevice that will enable you to download MX TakaTak videos for free without registration. 

So, let’s start without any further ado. 

What Is The MX TakaTak App?

MX TakaTak app or Moj Lite + is an Indianized version of TikTok developed by MX Player post-TikTok’s banning in India. This app aims to seal the massive gap created by banning TikTok. 

The MX TakaTak app allows users to create and share entertaining short videos on different social media applications. The app is stated to contain every feature that TikTok provided its users, as well as being available in more than ten Indian languages.

MX TakaTak makes it effortless for its users to make fun and entertaining videos. It also enables its users to find and watch videos created by different users. 

The TakaTak app has more than a billion viewers and over ten million daily active users. MX TakaTak offers its users an opportunity to develop their follower count and rebuild themselves after losing out on TikTok’s banning.

Can I Download MX TakaTak Video Using The App?

No, you cannot download videos from the MX TakaTak platform. This is because the app lacks a built-in option for the same.  We also offer Likee Video downloader for free.

However, using an MX TakaTak video downloader, you can swiftly download MX TakaTak videos.  

You can utilize the GetInDevice video downloader to download MX TakaTak videos onto your laptop, PC, or smartphone. The tool is highly safe and secure as it does not obtain any of your private information. Also, it does not contain any malware.

How To Download MX TakaTak Videos Using GetInDevice?

Numerous third-party tools allow you to download MX TakaTak videos. However, they are either paid or contain lots of annoying adverts to ruin your experience. 

Thus, we recommend you the GetInDevice MX TakaTak video downloader; that’s a unique concept. 

Follow the steps below to download MX TakaTak videos​ using the GetInDevice! 

  • First, ensure you have logged into your MX TakaTak account to download the video from the MX TakaTak platform.
  • When logged in, select the video on MX TakaTak that you like to download. 
  • You’ll find an arrow facing the right on the bottom right corner of the post. Click on the arrow and get the option ​”Share.”
mx takatak video share button
  • When clicked, a pop-up will spread. Select the “Copy Link” so it is copied to your device’s clipboard. 
mx takatak video copy link
  • Only a single video can be downloaded simultaneously, so do not copy multiple links.
  • Now, open the GetInDevice – MX TakaTak video downloader on your device’s browser.
  • Enter the MX TakaTak video’s link in the “Paste video URL” box and choose the green “Download” option.
Social media video downloader
  • Pick the quality of the MX TakaTak video to download and wait a few seconds. Downloading will start automatically.
  • Save the video title to download the MX TakaTak video.

Your MX TakaTak video is now downloaded!

Features Of GetInDevice MX TakaTak Video Downloader 

Here are the fantastic features of the GetInDevice MX TakaTak Video downloader that will create a unique experience. 

  • First, the GetInDevice MX TakaTak video downloader tool is free to use.
  • No registration is demanded to download any MX TakaTak videos when using the tool.
  • The tool is safe as it does not support any malware. 
  • Similarly, it is highly secure as it does not ask for private data to run the application.
  • The tool can download all formats of files, such as GIFs, videos, statuses, etc.
  • Third-party tools are not required to download any MX TakaTak videos.
  • Every video from MX TakaTak can be downloaded in the highest quality.
  • There are no restrictions on downloading MX TakaTak videos when using the tool.
  • All devices, such as Windows, iOS, and Android, support the MX TakaTak video downloader tool. 
  • Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome also support the MX TakaTak video downloader tool.
  • All downloads done are rapid, and the conversions have no speed limits.

Features Of MX TakaTak Video Platform

MX TakaTak provides its users with a vast range of features, all of which support making engaging and fun short videos that are shareable. Gaana Music downloader is also available for you.

Here are a few unique features of the MX TakaTak to make your experience unforgettable:

1. Uncover Trending Videos

MX TakaTak lets you find fun and trending videos with a simple swipe. Well-known Bollywood influencers and celebrities are also on this app. You can follow them to get updates on their posts.

2. Save A Video

If you want to post videos that you have shot at a later time, you can save them in the app’s ‘draft’ folder. This feature will enable you to post the video more readily than searching for it in your gallery.

3. Video Editor

Many apps let us shoot small videos, but they do not come with an in-built video editor that enables its users to edit the video as soon as they have shot it. 

But, unlike them, the MX TakaTak has an in-built video editor that lets its users edit the video shot immediately. They can do that as per their preference and make it fun for their videos to stand out.

4. Filters And Beauty Cam

Not just a few filters, but the MX TakaTak app comes with plenty of fun and unique features. All of the filters and effects can be used when shooting your videos.

Not just filters and effects, the app also comes with a built-in beauty cam to take amazing pictures. However, the beauty cam cannot be used while shooting a video. 

5. Music Library

Unlike other social media applications, the MX TakaTak has a massive music playlist that is not confined to a particular language. It also has an extensive collection of well-known movie dialogues from all the Indian regional languages to create fun videos.

Note: You can also download your favorite music tracks from the MX TakaTak platform using GetInDevice. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In Which Format Can You Download The Video Of MX TakaTak? 

The MX TakaTak videos can be downloaded in mp4 format.

After Downloading The Video, Where Will MX TakaTak Video Be Saved? 

After the video is downloaded, it will be stored in the “Downloads Folder.” Using your phone will be stored in the “Gallery.”

Is GetInDevice Safe?

Yes, the GetInDevice is safe. It does not ask for private details, and no signup is required. The tool does not contain any malware.

What Is The Best MX TakaTak Video Downloader? 

The GetInDevice is the best MX TakaTak video downloader to download videos from the MX TakaTak platform. 

How Many Videos Can I Download Using GetInDevice? 

There is no specific number of videos to download from MX TakaTak. An unlimited number of videos can be downloaded from MX TakaTak using GetInDevice.


So, here is everything that you need to know about the GetInDevice MX TakaTak video downloader and MX TakaTak platform. 

I hope you have understood everything about how to use the MX TakaTak platform and how you can download videos from MX TakaTak using the GetInDevice.

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